“I am a living organism travelling through a mystical alter ego of life itself…”

About…what am I about? I am a young victim of the arts. I reside in the urban streets of Australia, piling low priced books in my tub that I scored from local op shops. I don’t have much to bring and offer to an audience like you, but just share, who I am and what life decides to offer me in my travel of probable destinies. This is all for now, for my life has only surpassed 1/3 of my entire existence. If I were to be older, oh would I be able to write you a book, of the wondrous and evolving journey of Locke Dor. For now, i’ll immerse myself in what I am aware of. My dream of writing, acting and being a performer…

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Yours Sincerely,

Locke Dor