What If Teacups Were More Than Just, Teacups?



Now this is a broad subject. Teacups. For what reason am I debating some sort of point of view when it comes to, teacups? Well, for what reason do they bring a sense of simplicity, independence? Their symmetrical, ceramic compositions with golden tinted vines. Pure elegance is all that comes to mind right? An old Victorian lady in a petticoat, pale face powder with her cherry lips pouting ever so slightly. Here is when effective imagery slams the door…

Well, now that we have investigated the direct layers of a teacup, what floats around eternally in the glimmering bowl? Cream, vinegar, maybe even tobacco. That is a element of surprise isn’t it? You see, us humans preconceive situations based on their appearance but as a matter of a fact, our preconceptions of situations are our own subconscious insecurities. Our protective barrier that stops us from looking deeper than our self created judgement. So, what if what sits in that teacup innocently and indirectly kills us? We’ll honestly never know until we open our minds to possibilities. Until then, based on personal opinion, we’ll never grow, but believe that something can only exceed to certain limitations.

Social Experiment: We have two cups of tea; one black and one with milk. What seems most appealing to you? Of course assuming everyone likes the calm sense, milk tea brings, everyone would prefer the second choice. Why? Black tea is more beneficial offering less carbohydrates, sugar and fat. Maybe it is the soft dusk taste, or the alluring non transparency, however if you think deeply, our two subjects are just, tea. The black tea and its daunting unbearable truth,  milk tea and its creamy sugar coated layers may be the only thing stopping us from realizing that everything sits on a scale ranging from ‘more right’ to ‘less right’, never wrong or ‘not right’.

Overall, I like tea, you like tea and although this opinion on tea is very profound, don’t stress. This was only an elaboration on one of the simplest thoughts, derived from imagination…




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