Immersion of ‘Daytime Dreaming’

Dear lonesome dreamers,

This is my declaration to escape to mythical land of flowers and glares of the sun, avoiding inevitability; prancing on the possibilities of genuine happiness. I wish sometimes, to hold the bare ability to dream, fall into the flesh of aspirations, flee from expectations and just simply, exist. You see existence is what we all obtain, however this is all the characteristics that consume us. To enable passion and ambition allows us to believe we are more than existence. Currently, I sit amongst life questioning my choices and decisions, but why should contemplation depict future probabilities? I wonder, causing my self to wonder once again. Come with me, exceed societal expectations and live through moments captured like this… Appreciate the present, and grow through the finer infinities that consists of ‘now’. For our mark, significance, carries the weight of how much we’ve valued, loved and adored even the tiniest of moments. The youth of enduring a quarter of my life, thanks me for the graciousness of even typing in a congested school library accepting and identifying that I exist through youth and that I represent all the aspiring qualities of what it means to be youthful. Cheers, dreams and joy. My textured hands with class allocations written all over it. I sprout innocence and hold the ability to create reality, even if the intentions were originally dreams. I encourage everyone to lead their own destiny, for we are the ultimate controllers of our life and our outcomes. If we are held responsible for the negative consequences, shouldn’t we also be responsible for the positive outcomes of our decisions? Don’t fail to limit yourself but expect your self worth to be more. For everyone deserves a happy ending even in the roughest of beginnings…


Yours Sincerely, Locke Dor

2 thoughts on “Immersion of ‘Daytime Dreaming’”

  1. Great post – your writing does what you promise, taking the reader to a “mythical land of flowers and glares of the sun, avoiding inevitability; prancing on the possibilities of genuine happiness”. Prancing on the possibilities of genuine happiness…I like that thought, as every morning when I wake up that is the feeling I often have. Cheers to a great coming weekend.

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