An Introduction To An Introduction

10th March 2016, a day where one feels the intensity of ambition.

Today came many occurrences of when I encountered my true ambitions of life. Over three consecutive days, I have come to conclude that I should be premeditated and conformed. To be aware of my surroundings and to be still in a world that lives eternally. From my observations, I have come to obtain who I am and what I want to extract out of this generous globe which is, plentiful. However I have also tried to develop the skill of internal silence in which I keep the unnecessary to myself. It would be ironic, if I were to tell the deepest of secrets, however, although this is a profound journal entry, my true motive of existence would be vulnerable to the inquisitive minds of society. Even now I contradict myself partially however, this is mostly self recognition of who I will become in a few years time. So today I revolve around a school library writing what seems to be a diary entry that has no true information of how I have been today…

Locke Dor


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