Excessive Conversation and Extreme Exaggeration.

 16th March 2016 – A day of excessive communication.

In comparison to my last, I have blurted out the unnecessary in which it has become effortlessly uncontrollable. Non – intentional expressions of dreams and occurrences dominate me in which my previous and unreliable character pastes against me, once again. You see, I have always been one to dream and have aspirations, but thats all my existence ever expressed; conversation. I fall into the influence of dreaming too hard that I base my dream on the feelings rather than the motivation; which remains a key element to success. So I sit here once again, in hopes of calming my internal desires and to be still. I don’t want to be a person known to converse imaginable destinies, for isn’t it everyones dream to eventually live in a reality? Well, There has been some upside elements towards the day of my exploration. It was during the still and hazy lesson of Literature. Henrik Ibsen he was…providing us with content also known as ‘The Doll’s House’. It wasn’t much but the conclusion of dramatising the scene… Oh how the nerves controlled my organs. And also the sense of change I felt. It wasn’t me but a character. A character out of my capabilities, but enraging me with its aura. Now that my awareness is open to my expression of the character, I feel shame and embarrassment in a pleasant way. As if I breached a veiled contract happily. May all go well in the future for my i aim to be consistent and loyal. Not only towards you, but to me in respect of my dreams…

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