All arise passionate couch potatoes

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Watching a movie may seem extremely intriguing. Isn’t it? Trust me, that was the case when I cuddled the warm and welcoming arms of my pillows, inevitably soothing my phalanges all over. But, it was weird…

I watched this movie called ‘The Imitation Game’ and it was a great story. Loved the use of camera angles, intensity and the overall plot. It was full of action, controversy and contained a lot of historical context, which I found rather quite exquisite; however, as I watched the movie in action, I remember a scene distinctively where Alan Turing (the main character) was on a chair thinking intently on his plans of his ‘machine’. Although it was pretty simple not really in need for recognition, for me, this movie revolved around the whole legacy of human existence. How we grow and how we have developed so much as a society compared to start of human evolution. What we define as science and how we come closer to perfecting morality within us. Personally, what got to me was the sense of dedication the actor had placed in pursuing the legacy of his temporary character.

An actor through our perception is no more than what we see on the television. A character travelling through a depicted story. However, the sense of passion I felt, watching him do what he genuinely loved, exceeding the social conditioning and achieving his dreams led me to find his name, his story. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Actors are all the same if you look at it. Actually all celebrities are very similar. Don’t worry, I am not degrading the successful mathematicians or the marine biologists, as they are leaders of their own successes; but the way I see successful people, they made life work for them. Just like Benedict Cumberbatch, they’ve come to a point where they are behind the screen living that dream that some of us want to grasp onto. For me, indulging in temporary comfort on cushions made me contemplate my life. Yes, I was comfortable and happy. But movies as a whole are entertainment for our laziness. To compliment our needs for good humour and joy. To be our personal cinema in our luxurious lounge room. The actors are not the central idea of this thought. The script writers, the directors and all of the costume designers, whether significant or not, are all making life work for them, all on an infinite scale of genuine success.

The way that I figure it, everyone sits on a different scale of understanding. Understanding of love, humanity or even donuts. But whether you see me as a silly annoyance or somewhat, an interest, this only remains a argument open to interpretation. I hope though, that this ignites a possibility that, some will see this and make their dream, work for them and become true!

Yours Sincerely,

Locke Dor



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