Trying to wake up early – Taking steps to a better lifestyle.

I’ve never been particularly fond of lifestyle blogs, because personally I felt excluded, but I don’t know. I feel like there’s some understanding within me developing for it. Essentially, whether you’re a lifestyle or any other blogger as a matter of fact, I think as writers we all attempt to make sense of life. We write down words which comfort us. We express our daily endeavours, and all the bad experiences that comes along with it. All to just express one thing. That for once, we seem to managing and getting on top of ourselves.

If you read my other posts, (which you should check out) I talked a lot about lost dreams and procrastination to put it short. I even talked about a really inspirational talk from an old wise man that I had. He said that you have to “work hard”, that “when I was your age I thought I was going to stay young forever”. Obviously when I was younger, I’d look at him with disinterest and be like “okay, okay”. But I guess now that I am nearing my journey of high school, his words are becoming prominent, always reminding me of the wasted time I’ve used, and now looking into the future, the possible time I am going to lose, if I don’t get up and take control of my life. So this morning, as difficult as it was I got up at 9:00am. It wasn’t me waking up to an alarm I set last night. It was me forcing myself up instead of continuing with my slumber. It was difficult to be honest. I wanted to keep sleeping, close my eyes. But every night I have been going to sleep, I contemplate how much time I would waste if I don’t try to improve myself and my performance every day going forward. Maybe 9:00am isn’t impressive, but it’s a start for me.

As soon as I woke up, I had the urge to come on WordPress, try and work even though I hadn’t eaten breakfast. From then, I wrote two paragraphs on this post before eating cereal. I know it’s not the best health option (cereal I mean), but I am getting there. Anyways, back on topic. By waking up early, it inspired me to write this post. A post not about having a positive outlook on life, and creating fitness journals etc. But about me trying to pick up the lost pieces of myself. Not let my life drag on the floor but carry it on my back.

So now, I’m here writing a post kind of about productivity. I plan to write this post in a quick amount of time, instead of taking a day writing what I usually want to say, otherwise hypocrisy might as well be my name. Because in the end, life has to move, and it won’t wait for someone who uses a day to write one blog post right?

I guess this blog has no real context, no real message to convey to the audience. I think the main message I want to portray is that, the little things will make you feel better. If you’re reading this after roaming on the internet for hours on end (like me usually), this is me telling you that change is right in front of you. Maybe don’t set up these crazy goals which make you feel crazy negative about yourself. Just start off slowly. Make sure you are fair to yourself. Don’t bash yourself because some dreams seem too far off. They probably are. Maybe if you’re in the same boat as me, just get up early in the morning.

I’m really not fond of these types of blogs personally. I believe it is motivating, but makes you feel like crap also when you read this and you look at yourself. But let me try and explain it in the best possible way that I can…

Life is brutal. You’ll never win with it. Your life, memories, everything that you have attempted to create can crumble if an ocean were to take you out. Our lives are tangible. We are small creatures with a big imagination. But we can’t dwell on what we cannot govern. We’ll never know why we exist. But we exist, we are breathing. We don’t have the luxury of time. I could say live happily, but I want to say live kindly, to not just everyone but to yourself. don’t waste years dwelling on life to come around. It won’t. It doesn’t have personal relationships with its inhabitants. In the end, we all die alone accountable for every choice we make. So take control of your life now.

In the end, you’ve only got you.


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