Humans and their innate attempt to deny the truth.

via Daily Prompt: Deny

I don’t know what truth is, but all that I know about it, is that it is scary, it is reality. We have the tendency to deny what is too overwhelming for us. Sometimes, for our little minds, truth is too much to comprehend that we avoid the subject altogether. We almost need obvious truth, as if it were to happen right in front of us, to make us finally believe something. That’s the way we are. We will forever take the chance that maybe it isn’t true. Forever we will reason with ourselves from the harsh reality of this world. I don’t believe that’s a bad characteristic to have, it’s human. But to what extent will avoiding the truth eventually cost us our humanity?

We are after all beings heavily influenced by our emotions to the point it can blur logic and practicality…

Why do we deny truth?

Maybe it is not denial. Maybe it’s something more paradoxical. Maybe it’s ignorance… To say honestly, without my mother grounding me with strong morals, and healthy ways of thinking, I would have been oblivious to a lot of things. We can’t see truth clearly because we don’t have the correct tools needed in order to help us see it. Our world today lives without not really knowing anything about the world they live in. Who makes it go around, and why wars occur. Our world lives in this self-created utopia, that shelters them from the truth. In this utopia, we watch television, and television tells us what we should know. We go to a supermarket where our food is given to us in colourful boxes. It’s like a staged play with puppets. We watch intently a show, whilst behind the stage is the shocking reality. Fluoride in toothpaste and all of those other so called conspiracy theories. Is this all a distraction? I tend to ask myself… I think we deny truth because we haven’t become accustomed to how powerful it is. We would rather die, than face it. I mean if the world, if knowledge, food and everything essential is right there at the edge of your fingertips, why think about a world where you might have to possibly grow your own food, build your own houses. We live in a society that seems so promising, capitalistic, where you can achieve anything you’d ever want. I can accurately say that truth seems to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. There are more dreams, aspirations and idealistic things to worry about. Until truth knocks on your back door…

What happens when we face truth? Another baffling idea that seems to be interesting to me is how people react to truth when you see them. Humans are weird. They would rather suffer peacefully in a nice secure bubble, than ever want to be aware of the dangers of this world. Maybe it’s comfort and stability. If we were to break down the veils and lies of the world, we would not be fooled by this illusion of stability. But we would also want to put that veil back up in order to make us feel safe again. Our whole protective barrier will dissipate, reveal the hard earned truth. Sometimes that’s too much. Call me a conspiracy theorist, though I don’t believe those entirely either. I just believe it’s healthy to question everything. I mean if we don’t, why are we living? We can’t be sheep and follow the herd, though we tend to do that naturally. We have to question, ‘who is leading that herd’ and ‘where are they leading us to’. Most truths are sugarcoated, distorted, fit to benefit someone else. It has the idea that it is the truth, but is twisted. Look at Orwell’s ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’. It clearly suggests that if you tell a lie long enough, sooner or later it will eventually become truth, even if it isn’t necessary ‘true’.

I am constantly challenged on whether what ‘I’ perceive to be true, is actually true, or whether it’s a desire, a hope so that I don’t have to face the treachery of the world. So everyday, there’s a war going on with my mind. Who is controlling it. Me, or some subliminal entity. One thing that I’ve learnt and that I hope you learn as a reader, is to be observant. Never trust the surface of what so called ‘truth’ is given to you, but always aim to figure out the intention behind the ‘truth’.

This, is where you’ll fall into a rabbit hole.


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