Love and all its complications.

It’s funny how I am writing about something I don’t really have the knowledge about. But love has always been this remarkable thing that I’m sucked into, regardless if I’m a part of it, or just watching it from the outside. Timeless love, stories of romance, accidental happenings. The truth is, I believe that love is this aspect of life that will never go out of style. We’ll write, sing, dance about it due to its universal ability to appeal to everyone.

I don’t know if I’ve been in love, but I know that I’ve watched people around me fall in love. I have chosen specifically though, to not immerse myself into modern romance solely due to  the fact that I’m an ancient type of lover. I see the world as it’s a fairytale and if there are miracles and accidents that happen which will steer into the right direction of love. Maybe I set my expectations too high when it comes to love. But what is the point in living if you aren’t going to expect the best and imaginative things in life?

I’ve fallen in love with paper characters, with narratives serenaded out of someones mouth. Inherently appealing to my own personal experiences with love. I like the fact that that we can use art to step beyond the reality of this life. To imagine that there is more to life than there really is.

One day we’ll all fall in love if we haven’t already and in that time we’ll be challenged to re-evaluate our ideals of love, compromise for some sort of impeding reality, and become  a part of this world. I feel like every one in their lifetime goes through this stage. I guess that maybe I’ll give up on my delusional expectations. But for some unknown reason, I feel like an interesting part of love, is before love actually happens. Where you countlessly dream, fall in love innocently, if you know what I mean.

This post doesn’t have any strong message behind it. It’s just an attempt to understand why we love, how we love, and why it will always be considered the best aspects of life. Comment below, I’d love to converse about it. Genuinely.


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