UPDATE – What’s going on with Locke Dor now?

Hello guys! I have some great news to relate to you! I have officially created my website! This has been a big wish for me, and it has finally happened.

Earlier when I really didn’t know what Locke Dor was going to be, I had dreamed that maybe one day I’d have my own site, where I get to explore the tragedy of youth. The rebellion in being young. I have always been intrigued with adolescence in all of its entirety. Locke Dor became the epitome of that.

So, I wrote poetry and little thoughts all over the net, under the name Locke Dor. Writing from a lost child who depended on writing to understand the world and herself better. I still do. Write in hopes I can understand the world better. Thankfully, writing has kept these experiences safe under the name Locke Dor. I just hope it captures the entirety of your youth, as it kind of captures mine.

There isn’t going to be drastic changes, now that I have established Locke Dor a bit more professionally. I am not going to stop posting on WordPress. I will continue to blog, here on WordPress for the sake of engaging with a wonderful community. You’ll just be able to see designs I am working on, photography, and a more professional side to me.

I still will be the lonesome dreamer I am when I am writing. This site is just about taking it to the next level, and approaching my interests on a more professional level. Taking in enquiries, and aiming to establish the name Locke Dor professionally.

Up to now, all the people who have taken time out of their day to read my content, I thank you. So many people have inspired me here on WordPress, with their support in liking my posts, and sharing wonderful stories, I can’t help but thank God for.

I am intrigued by such wonderful people. Thank you for being such a great and encouraging community.


– Locke Dor


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