Something simple and basic for today.

Hello everyone! How are we all?

Today I want to talk about a couple of things that have been on my mind!

First of all my decisions for school. Over the last 2 weeks I was faced with this thought of not doing my end of year exams. I came to that thought because I am not going to attend university due the amount of debt I will get myself into, since I am not a citizen.

In that time, I completely avoided all of the practice exams I needed to attend. I avoided all of the books I had to re-read and analyse. I avoided intense studying for the pure reason of not wanting to do it. I am not giving up and letting my grades go down the drain. I just realised that in that moment, I needed more out of life than needing to be validated by my scores. I was expected to do practice exams all day everyday. What about practicality? What about life that needs to be lived? So from that came the conclusion that I didn’t want to do my end of year exams. I will still graduate with a certificate of education, I just wouldn’t take the extra step i’d need to enter university. In that thought, I felt free from the cages I was holding myself up to. No, I won’t be the student I’d always thought I’d be. No I didn’t get a good score. But maybe all of my little dreams I had were made to satisfy my ego. What’s wrong with finishing high school and working hard? Who cares if everyone is looking at you like a crazy person for deciding to not do exams? I could do exams. I could change my decision right here right now. But I am not going to cause myself unnecessary stress. I’ve felt this feeling of peace for once, and I don’t want to jeopardise that.

The second thing I want to talk about is planning for the future. Since two days ago, this blog has been the embodiment of success in my eyes. If I can do what I love doing, and find a way to make it into a living, I’d be able to work with people who think like me etc. Now that Locke Dor has an official site, there is clarity in what I should do next, aim for in the next year. I’m not the person who creates intense trajectories of their lives. But, when thinking about school and the stress I have put myself under this last year (unnecessary stress by the way) I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel. I like that thought. After creating this website, I have been able to work more into giving love and effort to the name Locke Dor and start working on projects, which I would be able to announce to people. Speaking of announcements, I have a bit of ideas, I can’t wait to turn into reality. Keep posted, and I’ll let you know.

What I am trying to stress is that, don’t ever think that the world is going to end. Sometimes, you’ll feel like there is no chance of you ever borderline surviving when the reality of this world is pushing itself on you. Or you’ll be at a place where you are certain there’s no way this is ever going to diminish. But if you are creative enough, you create your own opportunities. You create your own life… Don’t compromise to follow the herd. Make your own

I think that’s all for today folks.


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