Author Gem Stone’s Top Tips For Writing Romance #AmWritingRomance @GemStoneAuthor

Just keeping this for later. 🙂 One day I hope to use these tip. This is the first set of tips I will probably use. Make sure to read this…


As you know I am always on the look out for guest bloggers, so I was thrilled when author Gem Stone agreed to write me a post.

I met Gem on her blog after reading some of her witty posts. Whilst chuckling to myself and hammering on the ‘blog follow’ button, I knew she had to appear on BlondeWriteMore.

It was then I noticed she writes romantic comedy. Cue my excited shriek…(standard response when I meet a writer from my genre), which woke all of my house up, as it was late at night. I then started to explain to my sleep starved loved one about the powerful emotions I experience when in the virtual presence of other romantic comedy writers, but sadly he was only interested in sleeping.

Anyway I managed to persuade Gem to feature on BlondeWriteMore and whip me up a guest post (I don’t ask for…

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