You’ve managed to do it again – neglecting a blog…

You’ve probably got everything at the door, ready to attack me, haven’t you? Well I have been gone, yes I have. That is because today after 2 relatively intense weeks, I have finished my exams. There is a bit more to the story I want to tell, but no, I don’t want to get into the semantics of the whole thing.

Originally I had not wanted to complete my exams, however, after talking myself in and out of it, I had finally completed my high school journey completely.

I’m here in my common room, waiting for my mother to come and pick me up, and I feel happy. Obviously I have a mix between feeling nostalgic and upset, that the home I became accustomed to, is now pushing me out the door. But there is a sense of accomplishment within me that feels that I tried hard, in times of pressure and stress, and I worked the whole year for everything that will now amount to something rather than nothing. I have finished high school everyone…

There aren’t really any words I can say to you. It just happened. I’m just left here with a slight feel of sadness, but also with a sense of reverence…

Whatever happens from here on, I hope that I’ll be okay. That I’ll find someway to get through it all.

That’s all for now,

-Locke Dor

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